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Collecting Back Issues

Collecting back issues of magazines have become a more increasing trend in recent years. More and more websites are specializing on this topic and the selection of magazines are increasingly.

Do you miss an edition of your favorite magazine, or is there a particular magazine you would like that you remember from many years back when you were younger?
Are you a collector or have a desire to begin to collect a particular magazine, chances are that you can find individual magazine or a magazine LOT (collection of many issues) on this website.

You might find the very first edition of Marilyn Monroe's Playboy issue, or perhaps very rare editions of LIFE magazine. You never know. Many magazine back issues can be very lucrative collectors' items, since the magazine values can get pretty high over the years.

Many people also like collecting back issues of magazines to take a look into the past and see how life, fashion and style was in the old days. No matter what your intentions are to look for magazine back issues, you can probably find it here.

Enrich Your Life by Collecting Back Issues

Below you can find a selection of magazines that are given priority on this website. We are constantly working to add more magazines, and we often check the search history to find the magazines that are the most in demand.
The database is enormous so it is very possible that the magazine you are looking for exists, even if it is not yet listed on this website.

If you can not find what you're looking for on this page, use the search box at the top right corner. The search field is very important and gives us a good indication of what is worthwhile to elaborate more on our side in the future.

Magazine Back Issues and Whats Worth What?

Obtaining the magazine back issues of your choice can get rather tricky. Depending on how old a magazine it is you are looking for, finding it for your perusal can get trickier and trickier as the time goes by. The older the edition you are looking for, the lesser the probability of you finding it.

You would be told by your grandparents about just how easy it was in times past to come across relevant back issues. One just had to visit the local library to conveniently get access to the pamphlet. But who is to tell them that with so many different comics in publication, it gets impossible even for a library to keep all those back issues in their catalogue. Libraries only keep at best back issues that are less than 3 years old.

New times therefore call for newer techniques. Since the libraries these days only keep magazines just as old as three years at any given time, people have found different ways to get their hands on the classic back issues they liked so much.

Although with enough online research you will be able to somehow get your hands on the back issue of your choice, remember that all the effort you put in getting any volume at your disposal should be directly proportional to how bad you want it. It would be useless going to such troubles getting your hands on an issue you are only mildly interested in.

For magazines, there is no single directory that caters to all kinds of magazines, you will have to search through the various websites yourself to get to the one that allows you access to your favorite magazine. However what you should keep in mind as you go through sifting through whatever means you choose for is it better be worth it.