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Life Magazine Back Issues

LIFE Magazine - Ultimate Photojournalism History

Life MagazineLife Magazine was originally founded as a witty convenience magazine in 1883. Acquired by Time Inc. in 1936, and from then published as a weekly pictorial magazine. Life was a pioneer of photo journalism, with famous depictions of world events.

Especially known for authentic and live war reports from the Spanish Civil War, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War. During World War II, the magazine had a circulation of 8.1 million every week. Later, the article substance became more extended.

Life ceased to exist as a weekly magazine in 1972, and was in the time that followed down to only two issues a year. In 1978 the magazine was relaunched as a monthly magazine, and then came out with twelve issues a year. The magazine was closed in 2000, and the last regular number came in May of that year. In 2004 the magazine was relaunched as a weekly magazine supplement to more than 70 U.S. newspapers with a total of over 12 million in circulation.

The Various Life Magazine Back Issues And What They're WorthThey've been around for a while, and the Life magazine back issues that are out today are hard to find. Life magazine has been printing for years, and some of their issues date to being over sixty years old. Some of them are about events that some people hardly remember if at all and contain factual information since they were written at the time of their occurrence.

You could say that they are veritable history books in and of themselves, especially because you know they're not missing information like some textbooks may. But Life hasn't always been like this. In fact, they've changed a great deal since their first inception.

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Life Magazine Trough History

Life magazine as actually founded in 1883 as a convenience magazine. They were the first ones to really use photo journalism and widely known for their take on world events. They covered wars from the Spanish Civil War up to the Vietnam war and have been publishing weekly since then, with over eight million copies in circulation for world war II. They stopped printing weekly in 1972 and only printed an issue two times a year. Then, in 2000, they stopped printing altogether, and it wasn't until 2004 that they started again. That's when they became what you see today: the weekly magazine that you can get just about anywhere, with around 12 million copies in circulation today.

As they become printed, the older ones become more and more outdated. Some of the newer ones you can get reprints of, but the others (like the ones printed in 1940) are out of print. Luckily, there are still copies out there that you can get your hands on.

Popular Collectors Items

Why would anyone want to buy a 1940's issue of Life magazine? There are a few people that are collectors and pack rats that find it fun and exciting to collect them, of course. Another reason, though, is a look at history. So much has happened in the past, and these magazines are factorial takes on what happened up to over a hundred years ago. And, on top of that, they are more interesting to read than a history book.

With them being out of print, you might think that there are only a few copies that you could find, or that there's no sequence to them, and that they're random issues that people just happen to have. Truth is, there's thousands out there, and it's becoming quite popular to collect and sell them these days.

Several people have already posted the copies that they have on eBay. Some have probably gone through Amazon, or whatever other mass, internet selling site, and listed their collection. They range in price from as cheap as $2.50 apiece to a collection for over $700. People have offered their issues that have been signed by famous people that the magazine is about, which sell for quite a bit.

For an equally substantial fee, some people are actually selling a bundle of issues. They offer a collection starting from a certain year and going to a different year, or an entire months worth. Depending on what you're looking for or what you're interested in, you can find it quite easily.

While these older issues are a look at our past, but were considered top news then, it's a wonder what the issues that are being printed today will mean in the future. Eventually, what's going on now in our times will become the past, and people will read about it in text books. As time goes on, so will the issues of Life magazine, and eventually, current affairs will become back issues, and people can look back on what was considered top news today.

Top News of The Day

It's that very line of thinking that makes these back issues interesting. The fact that at some point in time, these issues were the top news of the day, the top advertisements and articles. In a way, it's sort of like a photo album: a look at the past exactly as it happened.

Whatever your viewpoint be, these issues are still a look at history. They are a look at what was happening so long ago, and they are no longer in print, nor are they in circulation. Thankfully, there's a way to get a hold of them, and some in pristine shape due to the sterile nature of some of the more hardcore collectors.

And if the aspect of the past isn't as the appealing aspect to you, then they are still collectors items. Some have famous covers, such as the moon landing. Countless people have seen them or at least know of them, and these very issues can be found online. These are the types of things one can find on the internet today. Whatever the case may be, to each their own, but these Life magazine back issues are, without doubt, a collector's piece.

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